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About Us


One of the finest dining experiences to be had in Istanbul is that offered by Tiryaki. We began to serve the residents of Yenikoy after moving from Ulus in 2010.

In our four-storey dining area and large garden, we can serve over 200 people with quality products and attentive service.

Our dedicated chefs cater for every palate, choosing only the best produce and combining them to produce outstanding food.

The Tiryaki experience can be what you wish: from a casual family dinner after work, to a group of friends watching football, to corporate events with a private room. Our staff is trained to provide whatever you need to make your visit memorable. We can even organise barbeques in your own home.

Start your meal with the seasonal mezze plates that are brought directly to your table. Amongst our customers’ favourites are our piquant, raw meatballs and warmed humus. Follow this by some of our delicious hot starters, such as the cheese-stuffed grilled mushrooms. Then prepare for the luxury of our kebabs: whether you choose thyme-covered cutlets; meatballs with soy sauce and butter; or a tasty Tiryaki pide. Then sit by the charcoal grill and watch as your kunefe bakes to delicious gooeyness.

Our Mission: To show the same desire and willingness to now as we had on our first day to provide the friendly and professional service of quality food.

Our Vision: To introduce the richness and depth of Turkish cuisine and culture to the world.

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